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EZ InterMedia is a butique PR firm specializing in marketing and multimedia development in a dynamic environment of intercultural communication

EZ InterMedia is a butique PR firm specializing in marketing and multimedia development in a dynamic environment of intercultural communication


Cross-cultural marketing and communications is now imperative for all companies – working around the corner or around the world.

We develop an insightful strategy that is fully consistent with our clients’ unique practices and worldviews. Focusing on the results rather than tasks ultimately leads us to success of a project.

Whether you are a domestic or newcomer business, global corporation or start-up, government structure or not-for-profit organization, our result-oriented approach will meet your specific needs


Elena Zolotko

Founder, Executive Director

Elena began her cross-cultural public relations efforts in 1994. Before she moved to Canada, she had lived in five different countries. The combination of an academic background (PhD in Communications and Information Science from Moscow State University of Culture), cross-national business experience, journalistic practices, and non-for-profit activities has allowed her successfully implement a variety of projects, including:

  • Creating Archival Directory, the first database of multilingual newspapers and document collections at the East European Resource Centre (University of Toronto)
  • Publishing and broadcasting hundreds of interviews and reports on culture, history, lifestyle, fashion, arts, health, wellness and fitness. She also was a producer for “Women’s Accent” TV series on OMNI/Rogers, Toronto.
  • Developing and executing a cross-cultural approach to marketing and PR strategy for: Elizabeth Grant International, Coca-Cola and Maple LeafSports & Entertainment, Soul of Nature Inc., Luxiderm Corp, etc.


  • Featured by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK, Second edition of the “Outstanding People of 20th Century” (1999) – “In Honour of an Outstanding Contribution to Public Relations”
  • Honoured by Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2013)

Affiliation: a board member of CEMA (Canadian Ethnic Media Association)

Inga Cernei

Operational Director

Inga is a performance-driven specialist who achieves results at the intersection of strategic leadership, operational excellence, and organizational culture. She has an extensive experience in public relations and marketing, community developing, advertising, fundraising, interpretation, grant consulting, coaching and mentoring. Proficiency in many languages (she is fluent in English, French, Romanian, Russian) and her cross-cultural competency help Inga to avoid misunderstandings with colleagues and clients from different cultural backgrounds and excel in a globalized business environment.
Partnership Awards:

  • Skills for Change, Polycultural Immigrant
  • Canadian Human Right Organization
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Community Services, YWCA


  • Downsview Community Legal Services /Legal Aid Ontario, board director
  • National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, board member
  • European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN), board member
  • NATO Association of Canada, member

Victoria Reznik

Project Coordinator
Victoria takes great pride in being a retired Canadian National Team Member for rhythmic gymnastics. Victoria won double bronze at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games and the bronze at the first ever Youth Olympic Games. Currently she is on the Canadian team for aesthetic gymnastics group. She has graduated with a Politics and Governance degree from Ryerson University and is planning to pursue a master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration. She has a passion for politics and aims to positively influence the world of sport in Canada. Victoria has extensive experience in project and event management as well as public speaking experience working with the Canadian Olympic Committee, Fast and Female, Fit Spirit, and the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. At EZ Intermedia, Victoria leads the Women’s Accent project dedicated to multicultural women in creative industries.

Yonatan Gershon

Creative Writer
Yonatan has been writing on his own time for most of his life, his pastimes ranging from storytelling to writing articles to editing others’ work. After meeting with Ms. Zolotko, he was brought onto the EZ Intermedia team as a creative writer. His work for EZ includes proofreading letters and correspondence representing the company, editing presentations for investors and the written content on this website, providing input in planning projects, and advising on several marketing strategies.


We help our clients to understand, evaluate, and overcome communications challenges to thrive in today’s increasingly diverse consumer market

  • Image Building & Remodeling
  • Event Management & Social Networking
  • Documentary & Film Production
  • Government Relations & Lobbying
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Art Design & Print Management
  • Multimedia Development
  • Communications Management
  • Multilingual Publications
  • Multilingual Translation
  • Global Marketing
  • Multimedia Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mainstream & Ethnic Media Outreach
  • Brand Creation & Awareness


The WeCan Community Centre (Toronto) engages student in a creative process, culminating in their own original artistic pieces or community action projects that address the issues that are most important to the youth.
EZ Intermedia has organized video and media coverage for WeCan events. Additionally, we provide WeCan executives with comprehensive PR support, communication strategy, and strategic partnerships, including the largest grantmakers in Canada.

The Canadian Multicultural Hockey League (CMHL) Championships, held at the end of December, features over 40 teams representing various communities in the Greater Toronto Area vying for the newly established “Canadian Cup.” EZ Intermedia has found a sponsor for a Russian hockey team called ‘The Kremlins’ and brought the team to The Canadian Multicultural Hockey Championship-2012. The team won the final of that Tournament.

Women’s Accent (WA) Show — TV series production with OMNI Television, a division of Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. The first cross-cultural show that demonstrates how new Canadians achieve their goals and overcome everyday challenges. The original massages are transmitted to the audience through encouraging real women’s stories while promoting healthy lifestyle, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. EZ Intermedia served as a general producer and a script writer for the show.

WA is the only magazine for a fast-growing segment of internationally mobile women. This culturally and ethnically audience has been neglected by most mainstream publications. An emphasis on cross-cultural awareness, intermarriage, and lifestyle challenges is what set WA apart from the o. EZ Intermedia is the WA founder and publisher.


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